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IMS 3.0 gal tank for 2012-2013 KTM 450-500 XCW

As always IMS delivers a high quality tank that is strong and light.
I like the deep black color and it fits perfectly with good air flow.
Feels great between the thighs when seated and slim at the back when
standing. The stock tank only held 2.25 gal and I was limited to 80 mile
loops. With 3/4 gal more fuel I can now return to riding 100+ mile loops.
The IMS cap is the best and filling the tank is much easier and faster.
For me the IMS tank just feels like home.
Contact: IMS  

IMS 3.2 gal tank for 2008-2010 KTM 250F-530

A high quality tank, as usual from IMS, and a beautiful deep black.
It fits perfectly and the shrouds fit perfectly, as does the seat.
It is very comfortable with a nice width when seated. A tad wide at
the rear when standing but not bothersome and it does a great job
carrying the fuel low and rearward. It is a blessing to have a 100+
mile fuel range now and the bike just feels normal with a full tank.
The big, left-offset filler opening makes refilling easier and the
wonderful IMS cap is a big relief from the crazy KTM cap.
Contact: IMS  

IMS Bigfoot Footpegs

Three wide and even rows of big sharp teeth provide much better grip
than the stock KTM pegs along with more stability and all day comfort.
The difference these big pegs make is amazing especially in technical
situations with the balls of my feet having a more secure contact patch.
I have better balance and more confidence without my feet slipping or
rolling. They really increase the fun factor. The Pro-Series pegs also
have better grip than stock and are excellent for tight trails but for
my riding and our rocky trails I just love these Bigfoot footpegs.
Contact: IMS  

G2 Ergonomics Throttle

An anodized aluminum throttle tube with a snap off end cap for handguards
and snap on throttle-cable cams which vary the rate at which the throttle
opens in the first quarter of the turn. I use the cam 200 which makes the
power come on slower, cleaner and with more control. It really works great
in tight or off-camber situations and makes it easier to carry a higher gear.
Reduces unintentional throttle twitches when climbing through big sharp rocks,
creates superior traction, helps maintain momentum and reduces shutting off
the throttle too much. The throttle control is amazing and a major improvement
for trailriding. Throttle rides on 2 slick delrin bushings. Most 450s need this.
Contact: G2 Ergonomics

LeoVince X3 Enduro Full Titanium Exhaust System

This model #3738 is designed specifically for the KTM 250 XCF/XCF-W/EXC-F.
It delivers top performance, ultra-light weight and low sound levels (<94 db).
The quality of the LeoVince system is exceptional and everything fits perfectly.
The light weight (2 lbs less than stock) of the all titanium system is easily felt
when riding. The performance adds good low-end with more torque to the 250F
and good top-end. I am able to ride a gear higher and run cooler. It comes with
3 interchangeable tip inserts and it is very easy to remove the insert with one
bolt at bottom of tip. The quiet insert with USFS Approved S/A screen is the
way to go for forest trails. The sound is throaty and response is instantaneous.
Heat shield included. A performance upgrade over the stock system although
the titanium canister and carbon-fiber tip can get crushed if you fall on it.
Contact: LeoVince USA  LeoVince International 

Enduro Engineering KTM Std Seat (standard height, firm foam)

A more stable platform to work from. Easier to stay in proper position.
Wider and firmer than stock. Has a great shape and nice grippy cover.
Contact: Enduro Engineering

Gaerne GX-1 Boots

Italian quality leather boots, good looks, aluminum buckles, light weight.
Very comfortable, fit great, easy and secure buckles, excellent sole.
Great flexibility, shifting and brake feel. Comfortable walking.
Helps to trim extra rubber from end of 2nd bottom buckle.

ProGrip 3400 NoFog Goggles

These goggles have gotten better every year and the fit and padding
are now excellent. The lenses have an effective fog-free inner coating.
ProGrip's feature lens is Light Sensitive which quickly changes color.
I prefer the Light Blue High Definition Lens (lens 3211) which provides
a consistent bright view in the woods and still filters direct sunlight.

Pirelli MT 43 Pro Trial rear tire (4.00-18)

Dependable and durable trials tire, excellent for hard terrain trails.
Versatile, DOT approved, withstands high speed dirt roads and pavement.
Long lasting tread with flexible carcass providing large contact patch.
Great grip on dry/wet hard ground. Soft ride in ledges, rocks, roots.
Great for climbing. No problems with tube using 12 psi for long rides.
Pirelli updated MT43 to a bit softer rubber for 2015.
Very tall and needs a tall front tire for balance.

Kenda K270 front tire (3.25-21)

Dual-sport front tire that works well on Colorado's dry, rocky trails.
Soft and pliable rubber that has little knob wear on abrasive trails.
Soft carcass is 4-ply tread with 2-ply sidewalls and requires 16 psi.
The 3.25 is a large tire and provides great shock absorption in rocks.
It does push in soft corners but is easy to adapt to. A long lasting
front tire that provides a superb ride on our rocky trails. Does not
have the grip of Pirelli rubber but the front works good, is predictable
and is very good on slimy roots. The rear K270 has very poor grip as
the drive tire and works poorly on trails.

Goldentyre GT216AA "fatty" front tire (90/100-21)

Big, grippy, directional, DOT front knobby. Fantastic on snotty trails.
Soft and pliable rubber, soft 2 ply tread with proportional sidewall
strength for rock absorption and good turning. The large size feels odd
at first but is a blast on steep downhills. The grippy knobs never slip
and with great rock absorption and stability there is total confidence
on any steep and slimy trail. Keeps rider and bike safe. Wears well.
Great knob pattern for traction but the aggressive knobs are fairly widely
spaced so has the vibration of a knobby on hard ground and is somewhat
busy at low speed compared to the 3.25 K270. Certainly has better side
grip than K270 so I use the GT Fatty during monsoon season and the
smooth riding 3.25 K270 for hard ground.

Pirelli MX Mid Hard 554 front tire (90/100-21)

Front Mid Hard is DOT with a flexible yet flat resistant 3 ply carcass.
Very high quality tire, light weight, precise, stable and versatile.
90/100 is excellent at absorbing rocks with a nice feel on hard ground.
Very good side-hill grip, great overall in dry and still good in mud.
Softer ride in rocks than MX eXtra. More precise and durable than MT-16.
A great overall front tire although the side knobs eventually chunk.

Kenda Equilibrium K787 rear tire (4.50-18)

Mixed-terrain tire that works well on muddy rooted trails.
Soft and pliable rubber that wears evenly and doesn't chunk.
Just enough stiffness near bead to prevent flats but rest of carcass is soft.
18" version has a wide, square-ish contact patch. Tread is trail friendly.
Closely spaced center knobs (more open than a MT43) that are directional
and recessed on back side for cleaning and braking. Large open side knobs.
Grip on hard surface is not as good as MT43, especially on sides/off-camber.
Excellent on muddy roots and rocks where can keep the bike straight and
let the soft tire absorb all the irregularities. Good grip when wet.
The incredibly soft feeling is what stands out and makes it fun.
DOT approved beginning with 2016 production.

Pirelli MX EXTRA tires (80/100-21, 110/100-18)

Both have a soft 3 ply carcass that is perfect firmness. Excellent
rock and root absorption. Grippy rubber compound that wears slowly
and evenly. Rear is sensational when dry with an excellent tread pattern.
Front is quick steering with widely spaced shouldered knobs and is DOT.
I wish front were a little taller and had more knobs but it is quite good.
Both are high quality tires, easy to mount and have good rim protection.
Rear is a great mid-hard knobby with incredible traction over wide range.

Pirelli MT-16 tires (80/100-21, 110/100-18)

Excellent in rocks and roots, don't deflect. Tall with good rock absorption.
Great grip when new, soft, wear fairly quickly and chunk within 300 miles.
Rear is 3 ply and front is 2 ply. I wish front was 3 ply and more durable.
Front is slow steering (fine for trails). Both very good in the rain/slime.
Fun tires in the rain.

Pirelli MT-21 tires (90/90-21, 120/90-18)

Excellent DOT dual-sport tires for dirt. Smooth and stable ride.
Great grip on rock and dry ground. Very long lasting and don't chunk.
Decent rock absorption and don't deflect with 15 psi front and 13 psi rear.
Not great in mud but better grip than knobbies on rock and hard-pack.
Excellent rubber compound and tread design. Rear is great for trailriding.
Front is 2-ply, fairly low-profile, too light-weight for fast rocky trails.


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